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Knorex SnapARise™ is an end-to-end augmented reality (AR) platform that enables you to transform static ad, poster or even editorial contents into interactive experience for your users.

How SnapARise Works ?



Bring Contents to Life!

Knorex SnapARise™ is an end-to-end Augmented Reality (AR) platform that enables you to transform ads or editorial contents into interactive experience for the users. The contents are brought to 'life' instantaneously when users hover their smart mobile devices over an ad, image or article.

Users are presented with myriad of interactive overlays where these overlays can be measured, thus providing publishers and advertisers with greater opportunity to present contextually relevant contents to users.

Getting Started with SnapARise

  1. Prepare a scannable image using the provided Knorex SnapARise™ web-based Content Management System (CMS);
  2. Add interactive contents / call-to-actions over the interactive layer using the CMS;
  3. Publish an SnapARise-enabled app* to the iTunes Store and/or Google Playstore;
  4. User downloads and launches the AR-enabled app
  5. Place a logo (either ours or your own logo) to the ad/poster/article to indicate to user the presence of interactive content
  6. Users point/hover their smartphone or mobile device over any SnapARise-ready ad/poster/article
  7. Users get to enjoy and interact with the emerged interactive overlays

Various call-to-actions are available to support rich engagement.

Engaging Your Audience
Anytime, Anywhere


Reach out and engage your audience in an engaging way

Supports Various Media

Knorex SnapARise uses advanced image recognition technique to enhance printed materials or physical media such as newspapers, magazines, books, posters, CD/DVD cover etc. with interactive contents.

Easy Recognition

No print out, code or marker needed that occupies your valuable space on the page/screen/view. Simply point/hover the smart devices over the poster/image and let the interactions begin.

Call-to-actions Galore

A wide range of call-to-actions or engaging elements such as gallery, multimedia (audio and video), social media sharing, forms, location maps, 3D models, banners and more are supported. These interactive features are embedded with comprehensive tracking to provide rich analytics.

Complete Management Workflow

Launch and manage your interactive AR campaigns conveniently all within one platform from web or mobile devices. You can make modifications to any engagements dynamically using our management system.

Rich Analytics

Monitor and track the various engagements through our comprehensive tracking capabilities and get detailed analytics to acquire insights into what makes your audience ticked.

Android & iOS Ready

Mobile SDKs are available for integration into the world's most popular mobile platforms — Android and iOS. With few lines of code, you can easily integrate Knorex SnapARise into your existing mobile apps and get started.

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